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They are called the AR's.

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Q: Who is a person who are on the sideline and holding a flag?
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What is the difference between a post route and a flag route?

Post is towards the center of the field, flag is toward the sideline.

Who is the person in the Olympics who is next to the person holding the flag in the parade of countries?

Flower petal holder

What activities can preschool children do for the fall?

An activity preschool can do in the fall is play flag football or sideline soccer.

Why is there a person from the opposite team on each sideline?

For Cheatin!

Who was holding India's flag on the first day in London Olympics?

Sushil Kumar was holding India's flag on the first day in London Olmpics.

Is there a penalty for putting while holding the flag?


What is a sideline cry?

a cry from the sideline

In the Olympics does the person holding the flag an athlete?

no not all the time but sometimes you could look at your TV right now because it is going on right now!!

Who was holding the flag in the painting Washington crossing the Delaware?

Not you

What was holding the flag that Francis Scott Key was watching when he wrote the star spangled banner?

the flag pole

What is rugby field sideline called?


What is MTV's moon man holding?

A flag that says MTV!