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Argentinian 10-goaler Adolfo (Adolfito) Cambiaso.

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Q: Who is a famous polo player in Argentina?
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Who is the highest paid polo player in Argentina?

Nacho Figueras

What countries play polo?

Polo is a game played on horseback. It is played professionally in 77 countries. Argentina is most famous for its exploits on polo field. Argentina has won world polo championship four times and they are the reigning champions, having won it in 2011. Brazil are a close second, as they have won the trophy three times.

Who is the famous polo player?

Nicolas Roldan.

Name a famous water polo player?

Johnny Weissmuller

A famous footballer from Argentina?

There are several famous footballers from Argentina. One of the most famous footballer players is Abel Balbo. Another famous player is Adrian Caceres.

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What are Argentina's indigenous games?


What is Argentina's type or recreation?

Polo, rugby, and soccer are very popular in argentina

What team is at top in polo currently?


What are some famous people in Argentina?

Lionel Messi International Soccer player

Who are the famous people associated by Marco polo?


Who scored Hattrick in two consecutive world cups?

The famous player is Gabriel batistuta of Argentina.