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Q: Who is Wilma Rudolph and when did she get famous?
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Why is Rudolph famous?

Wilma Rudolph is famous for being a track star

Why is Wilma Rudolph a famous person?

Yes, She was a famous runner.

What made Wilma Rudolph so well known?

Wilma Rudolph is famous for being a track star

What famous landmarks were named after Wilma Rudolph?


Famous Speeches that Wilma Rudolph said?


What female was famous in sports in 1960's?

Wilma Rudolph

What is the birth name of Wilma Rudolph?

Wilma Rudolph's birth name is Wilma Glodean Rudolph.

How did Wilma affect others?

Wilma Rudolph made the "Wilma Rudolph Foundation.

What is Wilma Rudolph's middle name?

Wilma Rudolph's middle name is of course Glodean Wilma Glodean Rudolph

Was Wilma Rudolph a girl?

Wilma Rudolph is a girl

What was Wilma Rudolph's disability?

it was polio Wilma Rudolph had polio

What is Rudolph's real name?

Wilma Rudolph's real name is WILMA GLODEAN RUDOLPH