Who is Kris humphries father?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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William Humphries. Played as an offensive lineman for the University of Minnesota in the early 80's.

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Q: Who is Kris humphries father?
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What ethnicity is Kris Humphries?

Kris Humphries is biracial: His mother is Caucasian, and his father is African-American.

Is Kris Humphries bi-racial?

Yes, Kris Humphries is bi-racial. His mother is white and his father is black.

How tall is Kris humphries?

Kris humphries is currently 6'10

What is the birth name of Kris Humphries?

Kris Humphries's birth name is Kristopher Nathan Humphries.

Is Kris humphries half black?

Yes. His father is black and his mother is white.

What is Kris Humphries's birthday?

Kris Humphries was born on February 6, 1985.

When was Kris Humphries born?

Kris Humphries was born on February 6, 1985.

What position does Kris Humphries play?

Kris Humphries plays center for the Boston Celtics.

What is Kris Humphries's number on the Boston Celtics?

Kris Humphries is number 43 on the Boston Celtics.

How much does Kris Humphries weigh?

NBA player Kris Humphries weighs 235 pounds.

Does Kris Humphries have a brother?

No, Kris Humphries does not have a brother. However, he does have two older sisters, Krystal and Kaela.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kris Humphries Bloopers - 2012?

The cast of Kris Humphries Bloopers - 2012 includes: James Coker Kris Humphries as himself Cathryn Mudon Rick Shine