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Glen Johnson, Alberto Aquilani and Sotirios Kyrgiakos.

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Q: Who has signed with Liverpool this season so far?
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How many times has Liverpool hit the woodwork so far this season?

They have hit the woodwork 21 times this season.

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored for Liverpool this football season?

So far this season he has scored 1 goals. It is still incredibly early in the season though.

Where are Liverpool in the Barclay's Premier League?

Liverpool finished in 8th place in the 2011-2012 season, so around upper mid table.

The number of champions league titles Liverpool won?

5 so far

Has there ever been a player transferred indirectly from Liverpool to Manchester United or Manchester United to Liverpool?

So far, in 2009. There is Michael Owen.

Which EPL football club has scored the most goals so far in 2013?


Will Gerrard go out of Liverpool?

You never know. He may be on his way out, because of Liverpool's poor performance last season. He does love Liverpool but he wants to win trophies, a move away could see him doing so.

How many retirement has Mark Webber had so far in the 2011 season?

So far this season, Mark Webber has had 0 retirements.

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Not so far

Who was the best rapper signed to So So Def Records?

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Who is better Liverpool or man united?

man u are because have you seen the way Liverpool have been playing badly and man u are top of the prem and man u have won the Carling cup this season and Liverpool have not won any silverware so that means man u are the best :)

Which player in Liverpool fc has covered the most distance so far in the Barclay's premier league?

Steven gerrard