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Q: Who has more money TI or Floyd mayweather?
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Does ti have more money than Lil Wayne?


Who got more money ti or ludacris?


Do lil Wayne have more money thin ti?

Yes. lil Wayne has way more money than T.I

Does Lil Wayne earn more money than TI?

Roughly the same

Is TI richer than Chris Brown?

No, Chris Brown has more money :)

How much money dose ti make a year?

more than yo mama

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Do i have money coming?

Do i havecomp money sundat soming ti me

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t.i is worth 65 million tiny is worth 3 million

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Well the TI are more expensive and the Double Agent are cheaper..... The TI are probably better but money for value I would choose the Double Agent... My own opinion is Double Agent Hope this helps :)

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