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I believe Ed Reeda nd Al Harris did a couple of times

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Q: Who has back to back interceptions for touchdowns?
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Player with most interceptions for touchdowns?

rod Wilson holds the nfl record for interceptions retuned for touchdowns with 12.

Who ran two interceptions back for touchdowns in 2006 AFC playoffs for the patriots?

Asante Samuel

Who ran two interceptions back for touchdowns in the 2006 AFC Play-offs?

Asante Samuel

How many interceptions has Troy Polamalu returned for touchdowns in his career?

In his career, Troy Polamalu has returned two interceptions for touchdowns in the regular season and one in the postseason.

How many interceptions returned for td's by Darren Sharper?

Darren Sharper has 12 interceptions returned for touchdowns.

How many Kevin kolb interceptions returned for touchdowns?


What NFL quarterback has thrown the most interceptions returned for touchdowns in one season?

Brett farve for a fact has thrown the most touchdowns. But I'm not sure if he threw the most interceptions as well

How many of Brett Favre's interceptions have been returned for touchdowns?


Who has the most interceptions thrown returned for touchdowns in a college career?

terrance cody

What NFL QB threw the most interceptions returned for touchdowns?

Bret favre

How many interceptions has ben roethlisberger thrown that have been returned for touchdowns?


What is dan marinos touchdown to interception ratio?

4.2 touchdowns for every 2.5 interceptions.