Who does nasri play for?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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I believe he still plays for Arsenal, this may change in the near future though.

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Q: Who does nasri play for?
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What football club does samir nasri play for?

He playsin Arsenal FC and in Olympique Marseille.

What number is Nasri?

Samir Nasri has jersey number 8.

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When was Nasri Maalouf born?

Nasri Maalouf was born in 1911.

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Nasri Maalouf died in 2005.

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Nasri Shamseddine died in 1983.

When was Neophytos Nasri born?

Neophytos Nasri was born in 1670.

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i wouls say Nasri he is more skillfull quicker iniesta is a fantastic player but i would say nasri