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I think they practice.I'm not sure though. There are people who help with their diet and people who help them keep fit. they probably have someone to speek to and help them along their way as well. there are probably more but im looking for the answer to this question as well!

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Q: Who are the people who help an athlete to become better at sport?
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Why athlete quit sport?

They become to old to get injured and don't want to be hurt.

What do you call people who play a sport?

People who play a sport are called 'athletes'.

What famous athlete agrees that boys are better at sport than girls?

ben roethlisberger.

What skills do you need to become an athlete?

You need to be good at sport no question about that... and you need to 23 gcse's and 14 A* :)

What is the name of a person who does sports for a living?

A Sportsman but it some people say it by the sport they do for example If someone played football you may call them a football player If someone was in the olypmics you may call them an athlete ect

What do you call a sport player?

An athlete

How does a social drug affects an athlete?

it removes the athlete from the race/challange/sport.

What should you do if you really like tennis but not the class and you are not as good as everyone else and you are not having fun?

To have fun playing tennis with the 'better' people, you need to practice. No good athlete ever becomes good at their sport without frustration in the middle of it all. Stick to tennis, and keep practicing whenever possible. Practicing can help you become better, and when you are at a certain skill level, you can have fun while becoming better. Just like in any sport, you cannot automatically become good, but if you really like tennis, stick with it and practice when you can so you can reach your classmates' levels.

What is someone who excels at sports that begins with the letter A?

An athlete excels at a sport. It begins with the letter a.

How do you spell aftlete?

I believe the word you might be asking about is "athlete". An athlete practices his or her sport.

Why did New Zealand john walker become a athlete?

John always loved sport, he originally wanted to be a tennis player, but later started running. Some people helped him to discover his talent and so he pursued it

Who is Turkey's famous athlete?

There are many what sport?