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Q: Who are the experts in sports nutrition?
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When was Sports Experts created?

Sports Experts was created in 1967.

What do experts agree is the best nutrition for a newborn baby?

nursing from the mother

What has the author Steve Wootton written?

Steve Wootton has written: 'Nutrition and sports performance' 'Nutrition for sport' -- subject(s): Athletes, Nutrition, Alimentation, Sportifs, Aspect physiologique, Sports

How can I get a sports nutrition certification?

There are many sites online that offer courses in many classes including sports nutrition. ISSA is a good site to check out.

Are Sports foods and sports drinks good sources of high powered nutrition for athletes?

depends on the sports drink

What is 17-stenazline?

It's a sports nutrition supplement.

How has sports nutrition changed over years?


What are the benefits of sports nutrition supplements?

One of the benefits of sports nutrition supplements is that it provides vitamins and nutrients not found in normal foods. Another benefit is that they help boost production in athletes.

What type of products do the Sports Experts offer to consumers?

Many sports experts promote Vitamins, suppliments, and protein shakes. Depending on their sponsors, or a specific product that they have produced, that's what they would promote.

How to obtain sports nutrition certification?

You need to find, take and complete a certified Sports Nutrition certificate program. After passing the course, you need to pass a certification test. The International Sports Science Association online offers a reputable course.

What do experts have to say about dedication in sports?

They say understand the team concept

What has the author Dan Benardot written?

Dan Benardot has written: 'Sports Nutrition'