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Q: Who actually killed Darrel Adams in Clockers?
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Was John Adams killed?


Who got killed on 'All My Children' soap opera?

Everyone in Pinevalley thinks Adam Chandler is killed. But actually someone mistakenly shoots and kills Stewart Chandler, Adams twin.

Who was killed in the boson massacre?

8 people were killed

Who kill John Adams?

Nobody killed him.

Was John Adams killed in office?


When was John Adams killed?

John Adams died at the age of 90 on July 4, 1826.

How was John Quincy Adams killed?

cerebral hemorrhage

What did Abigail Smith Adams do after the war?

she killed herself

What bad things did John Q Adams do?

he killed himself

Did Vice-President Aaron Burr killed John Adams in a pistol duel?

No, he killed Alexander Hamilton.

How did Jon Adams die?

People do not know how he die actually but Adams died in his home in Quincy .

Who was John Adams 1803-1834 the son of John Quincy Adams wife?

Actually, John Adams was the father of John Quincey Adams. John Q.'s mother was Abigail Smith Adams.