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Q: Which position does Martin Johnson play in?
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What position does Will Johnson play?

Will Johnson plays Full Back for the Pittsburg Steelers.

What position does Russell Martin play?

Russell Martin is a catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What position does Chad Johnson play?

Chad Johnson plays goalie for the Boston Bruins.

What position does Oscar Johnson play?

Oscar Johnson plays Guard for the Carolina Panthers.

What position does T.J. Johnson play?

T.J. Johnson plays Center for the Cincinnati Bengals.

What position does Orhian Johnson play?

Orhian Johnson plays Safety for the Arizona Cardinals.

What position does Keelan Johnson play?

Keelan Johnson plays Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What position does Jerrod Johnson play?

Jerrod Johnson plays Quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

What position does Jim Johnson play?

Jim Johnson is a relief pitcher for the Oakland Athletics.

What position does Kris Johnson play?

Kris Johnson is a starting pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

What position does Reed Johnson play?

Reed Johnson is a left fielder for the Miami Marlins.

What position does Steve Johnson play?

Steve Johnson is a relief pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.