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Gordon Durie.

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Q: Which Chelsea striker was nicknamed jukebox?
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Who is the new Chelsea striker?

Edward Cannon

Who is Chelsea new striker?

Edward Cannon

What position did paul furlong play for Chelsea?


What new striker have Chelsea just signed?

The answer is: anelka

Who is the striker for Chelsea?

Loic Remy and Diego Costa

Who is the Chelsea striker?

Edward cannan

Which Belgian striker Chelsea signed this season?

Romelu Lukaku

Is DDrogba still in FC Chelsea?

Yes Didier Drogba still plays for FC Chelsea as a striker.

Which current Chelsea striker once played for Liverpool?

Nicolas Anelka

What country does Chelsea striker Didier Drogba play for?

Ivory Coast

Which romanian striker played both for ac milan and Chelsea?


Which inter Milan player was on loan at Chelsea?

The Inter Milan player who was on loan with Chelsea, was the Argentinean striker Hernon Crespo.