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There are a number of ways to get an assessment of the value of a vintage fishing reel. I'd begin by doing a search on the net to see if I could find any appraisers or dealers in vintage fishing equipment. It will give you a chance to test or even refine your search skills. Next, I'd find some big fishing stores across the country and call a few of them to see if they can put me on to a dealer in vintage fishing equipment. There is, of course, eBay, but you can only compare things they have posted, and they might not have a listing for what you want to put a value on. It is possible to use eBay to contact the actual buyers and sellers of the type of things you are interested in having assessed to see if they can be of help. I've done that, but eBay is kinda quirky about emails between members when they don't relate directly to the buying and selling of the items posted. I won't tell if you won't, though.... Oh, I almost forgot. With the popularity of collecting so MANY different things increasing, books on collectibles and collecting are coming out left and right. I'm not sure if I've ever seen one specifically on fishing reels, but there are a lot of books that have a variety of sections, and you might find one with a chapter on reels. Again, check the web, and be sure to visit your local book seller. If you have a good used book dealer in town or at least close enough to call or email (and all of the are close enough, aren't they?), you might be able to hook up just what you need. Good luck.

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One can purchase a range of vintage fishing reels from 'Antique and Classic Fishing Reels' website. They can also be found for sale on 'eBay' and 'Old Reels'.

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Q: Where do you find values for vintage fishing reels?
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