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Q: Where can you see paintings by j Warner?
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When was J. Foster Warner born?

J. Foster Warner was born in 1859.

When did J. Foster Warner die?

J. Foster Warner died in 1937.

Who was Ezra J Warner?

Ezra J. Warner was the inventor of the can opener. It was patented in 1858.

When did Adoniram J. Warner die?

Adoniram J. Warner died on 1910-08-12.

When was Adoniram J. Warner born?

Adoniram J. Warner was born on 1834-01-13.

When did Harold J. Warner die?

Harold J. Warner died on 1982-12-23.

When was Harold J. Warner born?

Harold J. Warner was born on 1890-11-06.

What has the author J J Warner written?

J. J. Warner has written: 'The recovery of dirt from wool-scouring effluent by treatment in a decanter centrifuge'

What is the birth name of Basil Warner?

Basil Warner's birth name is Basil J. Warner.

Where can you see copies of J Hayllar's paintings?

At have a lot of J Hayllar's prints. Like"Thorn":

What is artist J Warner's first name?

There is a painter named John Warner.

What has the author J S Warner written?

J. S. Warner has written: 'Development of methods for pesticides in wastewaters' -- subject(s): Pesticides, Sewage, Purification