When did Joe Mauer win MVP?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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He won it in 2009

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Q: When did Joe Mauer win MVP?
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Who will win the MVP award this year?

The 2009 National League MVP Award winner was Albert Pujols, and The American League MVP was Joe Mauer.

Who is Joe Mauer?

Joe Mauer is a catcher for the Minnesota Twins. He was the 2009 AL MVP.

Who is the 2009 American League MVP?

2009 AL MVPThe 2009 American League MVP was Joe Mauer

Who is more MVP material Derek Jeter or Joe Mauer?

Derek Jeter

Who is better player for baseball joe mauer or Justin morneau?

Joe Mauer because joe hits almost over 300. every year and plus in he won 3 batting titles and a few gold gloves and a MVP award!

Who are the Most Valuable Players in the National and American Leagues?

In 2009 Albert Pujols won the National League MVP, and Joe Mauer won the American League MVP.

Who win the most valuable player last season?

in baseball it is Joe Mauer

What nicknames does Joe Mauer go by?

Joe Mauer goes by Mauer Power.

Who is the twins baseball player Joe Mauer?

Joe Mauer is The Minnesota Twins Catcher Joe Mauer is the Minnesota Twins Catcher

What is the birth name of Joe Mauer?

Joe Mauer's birth name is Joseph Patrick Mauer.

When was Joe Mauer born?

Joe Mauer was born on April 19, 1983

Who was the 2009 Major League Baseball mvp?

2 MVPs, 1 AL and 1 NL. AL- Joe Mauer. NL- Albert Pujols.