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Q: What was the first team to draft Blake griffin?
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What team is Blake Griffin on?


What nba team is Blake Griffin on?


What team Blake Griffin play for?

the Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin playing for Team USA?

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers missed the Olympic Games in London due to an injured knee and surgery.

What would a team have to do to get Blake griffin?

pay 300,000,000 dollars and some how break his contract with the clippers...

What year did Blake Griffin get drafted?

Playing for team USA before the Olympics started

What is a snake draft?

A snake draft refers to a draft, normally fantasy football, in which the order the teams draft players in "snakes" or goes from team 1 to team 10, then team 10 to team 1 and so on. For example say there are 10 teams in a fantasy fooball league. On draft day the first team picks up through the tenth team. After this first round is complete, the draft order is flipped meaning that team 10 will then draft again and the order will go back from team 10 to team 1.

What current ncaa team has two brothers in the starting line-up?

The Oklahoma Sooners have two brothers, Taylor and Blake Griffin, in their lineup.

Can Blake griffin still win the rookie of the year award?

Yes, if he plays and works very hard. He also needs to be a good team player.

Who was the first team to draft the first player from India?

The Pittsburgh Pirates

What is an automated draft in fantasy baseball?

An automated draft is when the system creates your team for you. The draft goes like this: The #1 overall ranked player: Team with the first draft pick #2: 2nd draft pick #3: 3rd draft pick And so on.

What team has the first draft pick in 2010?

Washington Wizards