What size are Christofer Drew Ingles gauges?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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his size right now: 7/8

planning on going: 1 inch

Bye! :D

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Q: What size are Christofer Drew Ingles gauges?
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What size lobes does Christofer drew have?

Christofer drew Ingle has 25mm stretchers, last time i checked, unless hes gone bigger again.

What size are christofer drews gauges?

right now: 7/8 planning on going: 1 inch Bye! :D

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It depends on the size of the gauges. The U.S. military typically does not allow recruits with large earlobe gauges that exceed a certain diameter. Small gauges that can be easily removed may be acceptable. It's best to check with a recruiter for specific guidelines.

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First off they're called plugs, not 'gauges'. Gauge is the measurement use to tell the size of the jewelry..and to answer your question, 2g plugs are small, but it absolutely depends on the person

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guage refers to the size of the shell any particular shotgun will fire.