What she overcame?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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That is not a full sentence nor do you know who "she" is.

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Q: What she overcame?
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Is the word overcame a common noun?

No, overcame is not any sort of noun. The word overcame is the past tense of the verb (to) overcome. Example:He overcame many obstacles to earn his degree.

Is overcame one word?

Yes, overcame is written as one word.

What overcame Hannah Montana?

high school musical overcame Hannah Montana

What type of verb is overcame?

The verb overcame is the past tense verb to overcome.

Problems John Muir overcame on his sled-trip?

He overcame his obstacles of reaching his goal and toughed it out.

Who overcame stuttering problems as a child Paul Ryan or Joe Biden?

It was Joe Biden who overcame a stuttering problem as a child.

What were the challenges Mary Mackillop overcame?

well... she overcame the ex-communication and other challenges. some were hard times

How many syllables are in overcame?


What were the problems the light bulb overcame?

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What derrick rose overcame?

He overcame a sprained ankle before and the first game back in the playoffs he tore his acl. He is still recovering

How did Amelia Earhart overcame her obstacles?

Amelia Earhart's parents did not want Amelia to fly a plane. How did she overcame that obstacle and tell her parents

What were the hardships Sojourner Truth overcame?

you tell me