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Nick Riewoldt has tended to keep his personal relationships on the down low. He did, however, date Stephanie McIntosh at some point in time.

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Q: What relationships have Nick Riewoldt had?
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What is Nick Riewoldt's birthday?

Nick Riewoldt was born on October 17, 1982.

When was Nick Riewoldt born?

Nick Riewoldt was born on October 17, 1982.

How old is Nick Riewoldt?

Nick Riewoldt is 28 years old (birthdate: October 17, 1982).

How many games has nick riewoldt played?

Nick Riewoldt has played 198 Games and kicked 444 goals

What nationality is nick riewoldt?


What is nick riewoldt's email address?

Does nick riewoldt have any brothers or sisters?

I can't be sure of the number of siblings Riewoldt has. However, he once replied to a fan letter I wrote him and in his reply, talked of his sister. So I can confirm the existence of one sister lol. If you want to know how many siblings Nick Riewoldt has, the answer is two. He has a brother named Alex and a sister named Madeline. So there you are. Now you know how many siblings Nick Riewoldt has. By the way, Richmond Tigers player Jack Riewoldt is actually Nick's cousin, not brother.

What is Nick Riewoldt's job?

To play footy, and kick goals.

Who is nick riewoldt's wife?

Nick riewoldt is not currently married. His partner is Catherine Heard and they are believed to have meet in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. He is still dating her as of 2011. We wish all the best for their future.

Who is Nick Riewoldt?

Nick Riewoldt is an elite footballer for the st kilda saints. Nick has also been said to be on of the best marks of competition. In 2008 Nick was awarded captain of the club. Nick has been a proof at kicking for goals, since he broke his coller bone against Brisbane round 1, 2005.

What is the name of girl posting pictures of Nick Riewoldt?

Let me know if you find out!

Who is st kildas football team captain?

Nick Riewoldt-hottest guy on earth