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Q: What presantge of a pro football players body is muscle?
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What are a football players wages?

football players are payed in bags of salt. the weight of which is a ratio of how well they perform to their body weight

What are the main muscle groups used in football?

ur body genuis .. if u didnt have a body how could u play football .. u idoits !

What is the purpose of the equipment in football?

To protect your body from injury.

What is body warmer?

a boddy warem is whatt football players where under their footy shirts

What are disadvantages of NFL football players?

the time you have to spend away from your loved ones the toll it takes on your body over time

Why are ballet dancers fitter than football players?

Passion, dedication, length and frequency of training and the physical demands on the entire body.

What is the most strongest muscle in the body?

the most stronger muscle in your body is your leg muscle because it holed everithing in your body.

When does the body build muscle?

After you work out, you rip muscle tissue and your body builds the muscle back. Thus, forming muscle on top of muscle.

Is the ciliary muscle part of the ciliary body?

the ciliary muscle is the smooth muscle of the ciliary body

What is a homonym for muscle?

a homonym for muscle the muscle in our body.

What is the densest muscle in the body?

the tougne is the strongest musce in your body!

What is the body mass index of hockey players?

Hockey players typically have more muscle mass than other athletes in high cardo sports. The typical BMI index for obesity would not apply. Other sports such as track & field's SHOT PUT, DISCUS or JAVELIN would also have a higher BMI number due to the muscle necessary to hurl objects of varying weight a great distance. Most Olympic gold metal winners in these events have high BMI numbers yet low body fat ratios. Hockey players are required to have BOTH foot speed and strenght necessary to over power an opponent for control of the puck. Physical contact is a major part of the game. The higher muscle ratio provides strenght necessary to compete for puck control and stabilizes joints during physical contact thereby lessening the chance of an injury. While Football has both individual speed and power positions, Hockey is unique in that all players must have both foot speed and muscle mass to be effective. The higher muscle mass distorts the BMI index for Hockey players by an estimated 8 - 12%.