What position does Margus Hunt play?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Margus Hunt plays Defensive End for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Q: What position does Margus Hunt play?
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What NFL team does Margus Hunt play for?

Margus Hunt plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

What college did NFL player Margus Hunt play for?

NFL player Margus Hunt played for Southern Methodist.

When was Margus Hunt born?

Margus Hunt was born on 1987-07-14.

How tall is Margus Hunt?

NFL player Margus Hunt is 6'-08''.

What is Margus Hunt's number on the Cincinnati Bengals?

Margus Hunt is number 99 on the Cincinnati Bengals.

How much does NFL player Margus Hunt weigh?

NFL player Margus Hunt weighs 280 pounds.

How old is Margus Hunt?

NFL defensive end Margus Hunt is 29 years old (born July 14, 1987).

What position does Brad Hunt play?

Brad Hunt plays defense for the Edmonton Oilers.

When was Margus Maiste born?

Margus Hernits was born on 1976-11-02.

When was Margus Kolga born?

Margus Kolga was born in 1966.

When did Battle of the Margus happen?

Battle of the Margus happened in 285.

When was Margus Hanson born?

Margus Hanson was born in 1958.