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Q: What position did Robin Yount play when he won MVP?
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Which brewer mvp is one of only four in history to win the mvp award for two positions?

Robin Yount. Yount won the 1982 AL MVP as a shortstop and the 1989 AL MVP as a center fielder.

Have the Brewers ever had a player that won an MVP?

Yes.Rollie Fingers was AL MVP in 1981 and Robin Yount won the award in 1982 and 1989.

Names of players to win mvp award at two different positions?

Robin Yount, Stan Musial, Alex Rodriguez.

What are the names of players to win mvp at two different positions in major league baseball?

Robin Yount of the Brewers won as a shortstop in 1982 and as a center fielder in 1989.

What is the average salary of a mvp football player?

The average salary of an MVP football player is around $427,000 annually. However, this will vary depending on the players position and team they play on.

What position has won the super bowl mvp most often?

As of 2012, the position of Quarterback has been awarded the MVP title 25 times making it the top position to have this honor.

Which infield position has produced the most MVP's?

First baseman's have won the most mvp awards with a total of 34.

What position has won the MVP in the Super Bowl the most?


Does the Super Bowl mvp always go to the Super Bowl?

The super bowl MVP MUST play in the super bowl for them to be the Super Bowl MVP

What are the odds that if you start on a SEC football team that you will be an MVP?

It depends on what position.

Where is Robinson Cano in mvp baseball 2005 gcn?

As Cano did not play in the majors until 2006, he is not in MVP Baseball 2005.

What is the lowest batting average by a position player that won the league MVP award?

.267 by St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Marty Marion, the 1944 NL MVP.