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Q: What person is associated with anabaptist?
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Where did the term Anabaptist come from?

Anabaptist was a movement, a church reformation, the term was given to Anabaptist by their enemy. Anabaptist means to be baptized again, the Anabaptist believe that a person needs to be able to confess on their own.

What is an Anabaptist-Catholic?

It is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as an Anabaptist-Catholic

Did the Anabaptist radicals hold sway in Munich Berlin Prague or Munster?

Anabaptist radicals held sway in Munster.

What are noncatholic Christians called?


As a follower of the Anabaptist sect Rembrandt movingly depicted what the poor or clerics or aristocracy or the oppression of women?

Rembrandt did not belong to an anabaptist sect.

What is the name of the baptism of the adult valid?


Was Jacob Amman Jewish?

No, he was an Anabaptist Christian.

How did the Anabaptist's happen?

Here is a link that may help.

Who was a dutch anabaptist leader who was formerly a priest?

Menno Simmons

How were the beliefs of the Anabaptist's different from those of other Protestants?


What are three groups formed from the Reformation?

Lutheran Reformed Anabaptist

Where is the Anabaptist Heritage Center Of Lancaster County Inc in Birdinhand Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Anabaptist Heritage Center Of Lancaster County Inc is: Po Box 320, Birdinhand, PA 17505