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Platform shoes.

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Q: What kind of shoes where worn in the 80's?
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Name the worst kind of shoes to be worn in a marathon?

clogs, heels, flip flops

What is the most common type of shoes worn by teenage girls?

The kind you put on your feet

What kind of shoes are better to be worn in winter and snowfall?

Proper uggs, snow shoes or trainers/sneakers. iF YOU WEAR DOLLY SHOES, YOUR FEET WILL BE WET AND COLD

What kind of shoes do you need to dance like Michael Jackson?

Shoes that are worn on the bottom and all smooth and u need SKILLZ!

What kind of makeup was worn in the 80s?

they wore a lot of glitter and neon makeup eyeliner especially

What kind of clothes di Sybil Ludington worn?

Well... She Really Worn A gray Dress,Gray shoes & on her back She Wears a cloth.That's What Sibyl Wears

Do you like dancing What kind of dance do you like?

Shoes that are worn on the bottom and all smooth and u need SKILLZ!

What kind of shoes did the people in the 80s wear?

I have a few suggestions. About jelly shoes. Dr Martens there were lots and lots of sites were you can find out more. Just do a bit of online research

What brand of shoes does Justin Bieber wear in never say never?

osiris probably cause that's all the kind of shoes he really wears.... No he mostly wears supra, and the shoes he worn in the clip are black patent. Osiris doesn't have that kind of shoes!

Where was Nike shoes worn?

Nike shoes are worn nearlly every where around the world becuase they are a big seller

What does Brazil export to the US that can be worn?

Brazil trades diffrent kind of clothing like scarfs, dresses, dress shoes,and ties.-

What are 6 things worn on your feet beginning with B?

Ballet shoes, Bass shoes, booties, boots, bowling shoes and Buster Brown shoes are worn on your feet. They begin with the letter b.