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Johnston and Murphy sell shoes for both men and women. They range from athletic shoes to more formal shoes. They also carry boots for work and boots for rain and snow.

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Q: What kind of shoes do Johnston and Murphy sell?
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What is Johnson and Murphy known for?

Johnston and Murphy is a company most well known for the shoes that they sell. This company is still in business and sells shoes as well as other leather clothing and accessories.

What items do Johnston and Murphy stores sell?

Johnston and Murphy sell men and women clothing along with shoes, women's handbags and luggage. The men's shoe sizes go up to 16 and their clothing up to XXL. The women's shoe sizes go up to 10 and their clothing up to XL.

Do Johnson and Murphy sell men shoes?

Yes, Johnson and Murphy sell men's shoes specializing in dress shoes, casual shoes, and boots. They are known for their quality craftsmanship and classic designs.

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