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Q: What is the white building in Sidney called?
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When did Sidney White die?

Sidney White died in 1982.

When was Sidney White born?

Sidney White was born in 1917.

When was Sidney White House created?

Sidney White House was created in 1841.

What is the birth name of Sidney Drew?

Sidney Drew's birth name is Drew, Sidney White.

What has the author Sidney Charles Gibbins written?

Sidney Charles Gibbins has written: 'Building science'

What was the building the presidents called home?

The White House.

What is the building beside the white house called?

Black House

Is Sidney a unisex name?

Yes, both boys and girls can be called sidney. Maybe different spelling though

When was White Building created?

White Building was created in 1895.

What penalty is Sidney Crosby called for most?


When was W.E. White Building created?

W.E. White Building was created in 1897.

In The Man in the White Suit who played fabric inventor Sidney Stratton?

Alec Guinness