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Q: What is the voice that speaks to the reader?
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What voice is the distant droning voice of an inactive reader?

The distant droning voice of an inactive reader can be described as passive, detached, and unengaged. It lacks enthusiasm and involvement, and may indicate a lack of interest or focus on the material being read.

What is the passive voice of she speaks french?

French is spoken by her

What literary term is described when the character speaks to the reader?

I believe that the answer is protogonist

What does god's voice sound like?

God speaks to us in a soft voice, are we willing to hear him?

What are passages?

Passages where the narrator speaks directly to the reader, the equivalent of soliloquy in drama.

Christians Please-How can I hear god's audible voice?

I don't think god audibly speaks. I think he speaks through what he does for you.

Who is the voice of the Grinch in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

Boris Karloff, he was also the narrator but his voice changes when he speaks for the Grinch

Who is the reader in the mosque?

the one with the voice Allah likes

The voice in a poem that talks to the reader is a?


What do you call a person who speaks with voice breaks?

An average pubescent male.

Whose voice speaks in visa ad at the aquarium?

Morgan Freeman

Why was Jesse Jackson Sr called African voice?

because he speaks for the black or African community so that we have a voice through him