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Q: What is the ratio of black receivers in the NFL to white receivers?
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Are there any white receivers in the nfl?

Yea wes welker

How many white wide receivers in nfl?

Anywhere from 0 to 5

What is the monthly income for NFL receivers?

It depends on the receiver. All players in the NFL, including wide receivers, are paid differently.

Who does NFL suspend more white or black?


What is the monhtly average income for NFL receivers?


What is the average age of wide receivers in the NFL?


How many wide receivers are required to be on an NFL roster?

There must be a minimum of four receivers, but most teams get five because of the dime formation, which has five receivers.

What former Michigan wide receivers played in the nfl?

Tim tebow

What is the list of NFL top touchdown leaders for receivers?

Jerry rice-208

What are the team colors for NFL Super Bowl XLVII?

Black,Purple,red,and white.

What NFL team's receivers has dropped the most passes in 2007?

New York Giants

Who are the top 3 best wide receivers in the NFL?

The # 1 best wide out in NFL is Sydney Rice. the # 2 best wide out in the NFL is Chad Ochocinco. the # 3 best wide out in the NFL is Brandon Marshall