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Q: What is the name of brantley gilberts next CD?
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Does brantley Gilbert have a record deal?

Yes, Brantley has two cd's out "A Modern Day Prodigal Son" released in 2005 and his most recent "Halfway To Heaven" released in 2011.

Chris Brown next CD?

well. Chris Brown's first CD is called 'Chris Brown' his second CD is called 'The Exclusive' his third CD is called 'Graffiti' and his next CD is called F.A.M.E

Who mad the song dirt road anthem?

Brantley Gilbert originally wrote the song. he then asked colt ford to playit with him for his new CD "halfway to heaven"

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if you have more than a saved CD on jeep 2011, how you go to the consective CD

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What Justin Biebers first cds name called?

His first CD is called My World. his next CD called My World PT 2.0 is coming out March.23[in Canada and the usa] BUY IT.

Why are there two versions of brantley Gilbert's modern day prodigal son CD and are they the same?

There are two versions of Brantley Gilbert's "Modern Day Prodigal Son" CD because one is the original independent release from 2009, and the other is a re-release by a major record label in 2013. While the tracklist is similar, there may be differences in production quality, bonus tracks, or album artwork between the two versions.

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