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it can vary. Brandon Jacobs from the giants is 6'4", the size of a linebacker, and Darren sproiles from the chargers is i think 5'5". i'd say most are about 5'9" or 5'10"

some can be up to even 7'5" tall or a little more.

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Q: What is the average running back a tall person or a short person?
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What is the name of the person running with the football?

running back,half back,tail back,

How much does the average running back make in a year?

The average running back in the NFL makes around .9-1.2 million a year in the NFL

What is running back?

it is a person in football that runs running plays.....

How long is a starting running back's average career length?

The career of the average back is less than 2.6 years.

What is the average d1 weight of a running back?

The average weight of a running back in Division 1 college football is around 215-220 pounds.

What is the average height for a running back?

5'9 to 5'11

What is the average bench press for NFL running backs?

Well this question can be different for each running back in the NFL. But since the running back position does not need to be the strongest person on the team, I would have to say that the average NFL running back benches some where around at least one thousand pounds honestly, in my opinion, thats where they would need to be to get notist by a scout

Can you get a back injury from running?

Yes a person can get a back injury from running especially if the person is running in the wrong way. here is a site about just that Conditions Sports and Spine Injuries

What is the average career of NFL running back?

1000 years

What is the average weight for a high school running back?


What would be a good position for a short person in gridiron?

as in American football? running back -- most definitely. have to be stocky though. check out maurice Jones-drew (jacksonville jaguars)

What is the average height of an NFL running back?

Between 5'10" and 5'11''.