What is derrick rose highest points?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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Q: What is derrick rose highest points?
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How many points did derrick rose made in 2011?

in 2011 derrick rose really make 327 points

How many points does Derrick Rose have this season?

327 points

Who has the highest jump in the NBA?

Derrick Rose can jump 48 in off the ground.

Is chris paul better than derrick rose?

Depends on if you want assists or scoring Chris Paul Averages more Assists than Derrick Rose but Derrick Rose averages more points but Chris Paul has better defense(steals) so i think Chris Paul

Who is better derrick rose or jamal crawford?

Derrick Rose

Who is better Kevin LOVE or derrick rose?

Derrick Rose

Does Derrick Rose have a speaking disorder?

No, Derrick Rose does not have a speaking disorder.

Does derrick rose have a book?

what is derrick rose favortie tv show

How many dogs do derrick rose have?

none he said he likes them but there not for him

Where did derrick rose grow up?

Derrick Rose grew up in the wilds of the African Sahara.

What is Derrick Rose's birthday?

Derrick Rose was born on October 4, 1988.

Who going to win mvp lebron James or derrick rose?

Derrick Rose