What is a group of waiters called?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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Q: What is a group of waiters called?
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What is a group of waiters?

Employees are a group of waiters, among other groups.

Why are waiters called waiters?

because the wait on people

What are lines of waiters called?


What are Brazilian waiters called?


What is that apron that waiters and waitresses wear called?

The pouch

What restaurant service tends to be formal and has two waiters?

This is called the French Service

What is the plural of waiters?

The word waiters is the plural noun. The singular is waiter.

When was Dumb Waiters created?

Wacky Waiters was created in 1982.

Why are lady waiters called waitresses?

That is just grammer! Just like actor and actress.

When was Cayuga's Waiters created?

Cayuga's Waiters was created in 1949.

When did Wacky Waiters happen?

Wacky Waiters happened in 1982.

What is the duration of The Waiters' Ball?

The duration of The Waiters' Ball is 1200.0 seconds.