What is a athlete's heart?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There is reallyno medical medication that can treat the person that goes threw this. the only way to heal the person if my detrainig the heart muscle. since the heart is a muscle it grows when you exercise and since it is a muscle it could decrease in size. You can detraine the heart by not running or exelirating you heart beat as it usually does. That means that the heart would detraine it self and the Myocardium which is the muscle layer of the heart would decrease in size.

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Q: What is a athlete's heart?
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How did athletes in the Olympics 2012 look after their heart?

They wore a heart beat reader on their wrist and looked after how is their stamina.

Does an athletes heart beat beat faster then a non athlete?


What is an Olympic athletes heart rate?

Well I'm 15 with a 47 resting heart rate ... That is close to Olympic

How big is a athletes heart?

there is not specific answer to that because as athletes each heart is different. why is because when you are a athlete you attend to work out and weight train, when u weight train amd lift weights your body heart expands just as your body do. so no one heart is the same and really cant be measured

Do athletes heart beats faster at rest?

no, they beat faster the more active they are

Why do world class athletes die at such a young age?

99% of athletes who die young have poor heart structure. This can usually be prevented or found with a heart echocardiogram but these are too expensive for every single human in the world to have one

Why do athletes often have a lower pulse rate than non athletes?

Blood pressure is how the force of the blood that is being pumped out of your heart. An athlete has a lower heart rate because through exercise, they have a stronger heart; meaning that an athlete's heart can pump more blood and more oxygen out with one pump than a non-athlete's heart could.

Olympic athletes have lowered resting rates because?

They execise regular, which improve the efficiency of their heart

What is a possible reason for lower maximal heart rates observed in endurance-trained athletes?

Slower heart rates increase ventricular filling time

Why is an athletes heart beat lower then yours?

A lower resting heart rate is an effect of exercise and as an athlete is more likely to exercise more regularly then their resting heart is likely to be lower.

Your 14 year old is an athlete and has a resting heart rate of 42 is this healthy?

this could be healthy but its not because of the 42 rate it could cause a heart attack. The above answer is actually incorrect. It is quite common for athletes to have a lower heart rate than non-athletes, and is actually a sign that they ARE healthy. See the Related Links below for more information.

Would a well-conditioned athlete have a lower or higher heart rate?

Well-conditioned athletes generally have lower heart rates in the 50's or 60's.