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About 800 - 1200 dollar's

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Q: What is Patrick ewing NBA hoops card worth?
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How much is a 1990 Michael Jordan official NBA card worth?

NBA Hoops 1990 is worth about 0.99 but a NBA Fleer $2-$4 You really need to be more specific with all the details of the card. Worn Corners, fading..etc

What is the value of a Patrick Ewing rookie card?

I would say a mint Patrick ewing rookie card would be worth about 250 dollars

How much is a autographed Patrick Ewing card worth?

UP TO 250.00

How much is a Patrick Ewing rookie card?

Sports card values vary greatly depending on condition. For example a Patrick Ewing rookie Basketball card could have a value between $20 and $100, with autographed ones going for several hundred dollars.

What's the value of a 1996 Patrick ewing topps card?

Roughly 50 cents.

How much is Craig Hodges NBA Hoops card worth?

About as much as Yinka Dare's card is worth. Nothing!

How much is a Sean Elliot Rookie card worth?

autograph sean elliot rookie nba hoops card worth

How much is a Sam Mitchell NBA hoops card worth?


How much is Byron Scott NBA hoops card worth?


How much is a Sam Cassell NBA hoops card worth?


What is the approximate value of upper deck 85-86 Patrick ewing rookie card?

It's not a "Rookie" card. It's a rookie years card. This card was made at the end of his rookie year not the beginning. it's probably worth about 2 bucks to a Knicks fan, but a $1 anywhere else."No such card exists. Ewing's RC was from the 1986-87 Fleer set."FALSE. Upper Deck "The Rookie Years 85-86" with the picture being Patrick ewing with both hands up calling for the ball in the blue Ney York Knicks jersey 33. I have the same card also.also looks as if they are playing clippers or nets as opposing team's shorts are white with blue and red stripesI agree with the above I have the same card.. I too would like to know the value of the 85-86 patrick Ewing rookie card. The back of card lists NBA Rookie Of The Year Upper Deck card #140 electric court. Same description. Pls contact me at

How much is a 1990 john stockton NBA HOOPS card worth?

about 400.00