What is Bobby Hebert famous for?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Bobby Hebert was born August 19,1960 and is as an American sportscaster, and also more commonly know as a retired Pro bowl American Football quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. Bobby Hebert has played in both the USFL and NFL from 1963 to 1996. He is known for his time spent playing for the Michigan Panthers, Oakland Invaders, New Orleans saints, and Atlanta Falcons. He led the Panthers to the USFL championship in the league's inaugural season and later brought the Saints to their first playoff appearance in franchise history. Hebert has been inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame and Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

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Q: What is Bobby Hebert famous for?
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What nicknames does Bobby Hebert go by?

Bobby Hebert goes by B.J., and Cajun Cannon.

When was Bobby Hebert born?

Bobby Hebert was born on August 19, 1960, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

What is the birth name of Bobby Herbeck?

Bobby Hebert's birth name is Bobby Joseph Hebert Jr..

What number was New Orleans Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert?

Bobby Hebert wore the number 3, and can currently be heard talking Saints football on WWL radio or

What years did Bobby Hebert quarterback for the Saints?


Who was the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons before Chris Chandler?

Bobby Hebert.

What college did former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert go to?

Northwestern State University

Which New Orleans Saints QB nickname was the Cajun Cannon?

Bobby Hebert (1985-1992)

Who was the New Orleans Saints QB nickname was the Cajun Cannon?

Bobby Hebert, who played with the Saints from 1985-1992.

Which NFL quarterback wore number 3?

Derrick Anderson plays for Arizona

Who was the highest paid quarterback for the Falcons in 1993?

Chris Chandler Chandler wasn't with the Falcons until 1997. Bobby Hebert, Chris Miller, and Billy Joe Tolliver were the Falcons QBs in 1993. Would guess Hebert was the highest paid of the three.

What made Bobby Orr famous?

Playing fantastic hockey made Bobby Orr famous.