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Q: What famous people died by choking on a piece of meat?
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Can you die from choking?

Yes! You can but remember don't swallow a lot of food at a time. My great Grandfather died from choking on a big piece of meat!

What is Giuseppe Vedi's most famous piece?

I like to believe that his 'Nabucco' is his most famous piece. The piece had the famous 'Va, Piensiero', which was sung by the Slave Choir. People of his time found this piece suited enough to be the National Anthem of Italy. The piece was also sung by ten-thousands of people in the streets of Milan as token of respect when he died of a stroke in 1901. There were more than a quarter of a million people to pay him their last respects.

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What are the statistics for people who have died of choking in the US in 2008?

Choking and the Heimlich ManeuverChoking, which is caused by food or another foreign object becoming lodged in the throat, or airway, accounts for nearly 4,600 deaths each year.

How did the famous Arthur Sullivan die?

He died in 1900 while he was writing a new piece of music "The Emerald Isle" when he died. Edward German later finished the piece.

How many children die from choking every year?

More than 2,800 people died because of choking in which most of them were kids.

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