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Q: What does herbert whistle at the end of play it again brian?
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What episode did mr Herbert babysits in?

the episode name is actually "Play It Again Brian" 6x10 (season 6, episode 10)

Which Family Guy episode does Herbert watch the Griffin kids?

Season 3, episode 21: "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1"

In which episode does Peter get mad at Brian?

Rather generic question but there's, Brian Portrait of a Dog & Play it Again Brian

In which Family Guy episode is Peter a shark?

Play It Again, Brian

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What are the release dates for Family Guy - 1999 Play It Again Brian 6-10?

Family Guy - 1999 Play It Again Brian 6-10 was released on: USA: 2 March 2008 UK: 15 June 2008 Hungary: 16 June 2009

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