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Q: What do you need to be a sports ambassador?
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What is a young ambassador in sport?

It's basically a job for a kid, hired from a sports team to increase popularity and publicity. Now the ambassador is usually just, in simplest terms, like Ronald McDonald to McDonalds. If the kid had a disability or illness, the publicity would usually go up. Get the point?

Do you need to wright Dear Mr Ambassador or just Mr Ambassador?

You need to go to school so you can learn how to spell before you write a letter to an ambassador. Geez, what is wrong with public education these days?

Who was the American ambassador to the United Nations?

There have been many. We need a date or time.

How do you spell ambassador in French?


Who is a person who represents his or her country in another country?

I believe you are thinking of an ambassador.

What do you call an ex ambassador?

An ex-ambassador is often referred to as a former ambassador or a retired ambassador.

If the ambassador is married is it ambassador and?

Their husband/wife. If an ambassador is married,his/her wife/husband will not become an ambassador.

How do you address an ambassador on a place card?

You would put The Ambassador of ...then what country he represents. When talking to an Ambassador , he/she are Ambassador

What is the need of sports?

Sports meet two human needs, the need to compete, and the need for physical activity.

What is the full title of an ambassador?

The full title of an ambassador is "Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary."

How do you address an ambassador in a letter?

If the Ambassador is currently active in the Diplomatic Service, it would be Mr. Ambassador or Madame [ Mme.] Ambassador.

What dose deported mean?

Dose Deportes means Sports Dose You probably need to word it better like: "You need a dose of sports" meaning you need to try some sports or you need exercise