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Q: What character did Jason clarke play in home and away?
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Home and away cast names?

Jason Franklin

Who did Guy Pearce character in home and away date?


What is Jason Smith known for?

There are a number of famous people called Jason Smith. There is a basketball player by that name who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans and there is an actor named Jason Smith who appeared in Home and Away.

Why did Beth hunter leave home and away?

Beth Hunter was the name of a character on the show Home and Away. She was played by actress Clarissa House. The character was killed off in a car accident on the show and her last appearance was on January 30, 2007.

Does ian routledge?

Ian Routledge is a fictional character from the television show, Home and Away. The character appeared in a total of 20 episodes.

How old is indie the girl from home and away?

The character of Indi Walker from Home and Away was born on October 6th, 1991, making her around 30 years old.

Why does annabeth run away from home in the lightning thief?

She doesn't feel that she is at home. SHe has an extremely rocky relationship with her father.

What movie and television projects has Jason Paull Hayes been in?

Jason Paull Hayes has: Played Salesman in "Home and Away" in 1988. Played David Clarke in "Water Rats" in 1996. Played Alex Chomicz in "Der Turm" in 1999. Played Jack Glover in "Above the Law" in 2000. Played Jay in "Short and Curly" in 2005. Played Stuart Mason in "Sea Patrol" in 2007. Played Doug in "Sea Patrol" in 2007. Played Brian Begley in "The Strip" in 2008.

Does Romeo from home and away die in the great storm?

On the Australian soap opera, Home and Away, the character of Todd "Romeo" Smith, was played by Luke Mitchell. Romeo is diagnosed with stage four melanoma cancer and dies.

What happened to Cassie on home and away?

Cassie Turner, a character on the Australian soap opera "Home and Away," was last seen in the show in 2008 when she left Summer Bay to travel the world. The character was played by actress Sharni Vinson.

Why does Jason undertake his journey?

Because Jason felt like leaving home and going on a trip.

What is Jason Smiths home country?