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Q: What are tw rocks that are low in silica?
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What color will igneous rocks be if they are low in silica?


What is a dark-colored low silica rock?

Mafic igneous rocks, like basalt, are dark colored and low in silica.

Are ingneous rocks low in silica?

it can be either low or high depending on source.

What is a dark colored low silica rock?

Basalt is a dark-colored, low-silica igneous rock commonly found as a result of volcanic activity. Its composition typically contains around 50% silica, making it relatively low in silica compared to other igneous rocks like granite.

How does silica content affect igenous rocks?

It determines high silica or low silica. It will determine if it is sticky or not, or if it flows fast or slow. *high in silica~Sticky, and slow. Will not flow easily. *low in silica~Fact, not sticky. Will flow easily.

Low silica magma forms rocks like?

Low silica magma forms rocks like basalt and gabbro. These rocks are dense, fine-grained, and dark in color. They are commonly found in oceanic crust and volcanic islands.

Why do obsidian rocks look dark?

because an obsidian rock has low silica

Are dark colored igneous rocks low in silicate minerals?

They are not low in silicate minerals. They are still primarily composed of them. However, the amount of silica in them is lower than in the lighter-colored rocks. The lightest igneous rocks (felsic) are at least 70% silica while the dark ones (mafic) are between 45% and 52% silica. Silica content below 45% is deemed ultramafic.

What is the opposite of basaltic?

The opposite of basaltic is rhyolitic. Basaltic rocks are formed from lava that is low in silica content, while rhyolitic rocks are formed from lava that is high in silica content.

What is the term used to describe igneous rocks or magma rich in Fe-Mg content and low in silica?

Mafic rocks or magma are rich in Fe-Mg content and low in silica. These rocks typically have dark colors and contain minerals such as olivine, pyroxene, and amphibole. Examples of mafic rocks include basalt and gabbro.

Which igneous rock has the lowest silica content?

Basalt has the lowest silica content among common igneous rocks, with silica accounting for around 45-52% of its composition. This low silica content gives basalt its characteristic dark color and rapid cooling properties.

Is basalt high or low?

Basalt is a type of rock that is considered to have intermediate silica content compared to other types of rocks. It is not high in silica like granite, but not low like ultramafic rocks. It is commonly found in volcanic environments and has a fine-grained texture.