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government, firms.households AND FOREIGN SECTOR

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Q: What are the four participants in the economy?
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The Four economic systems?

There are four major types of economic systems. This includes the mixed economy, traditional economy, command economy, and market economy.

What are the most important participants in the economy?

major players r the fdi's nd fii's nd bluechip cmpanies

What are four different types of economic systems?

Market Economy, Peasant/Command Economy, Subsistence Economy, and Traditional Economy.

What was the overall goal of the four Modernization's?

improve the economy

What are the 4 economic systems?

The four types of economic systems are the traditional economy, the market economy, the command economy, and the mixed economy. Of these, the traditional economy is the most basic.

What was the overall of the Four Modernization?

improve the economy

What was an overall goal of the Four Modernizations?

The Four Modernizations were intended to improve the economy.

What are the four degrees of competition that exist in a capitalistic economy?

The four degrees of competition that exist in a capitalistic economy are: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly.

How do oligopolies affect the economy?

A market dominated by a number of small participants who are able to collectively exert control over supply and market and places.

What is the syllable containing the correct phonetic in the word economy?

The he syllable containing the correct phonetic in the word economy is "my".

All of these are describing what market type of market structure?

Four types of markets are institutional, B2B, consumer, and reseller.

What are roles of the government in a mixed economy?

four key governmental roles in a mixed economy and how they would impact a business