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Q: What are the consequences for a soldier who disobeys?
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What is supposed to happen if Antigone disobeys Creon's Law in 'Antigone'?

If Antigone disobeys Creon's Law in "Antigone," Antigone is to be sentenced to death.

How did Gilgamesh disobey the gods?

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh disobeys the gods by killing the Bull of Heaven, which was a divine beast sent by the goddess Ishtar to punish him for rejecting her advances. This act angered the gods and led to consequences for Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu.

Who does Romeo disobey?

Romeo disobeys his family and the capults

If someone disobeys the eighth amendment what will happen?

You go to jail.

In what way does balthasar disobey his master?

Balthasar disobeys his master by revealing the plan to secretly marry Hero to Claudio, causing Claudio to publicly shame her at their wedding. Balthasar defies his master's orders to keep the plan confidential, which ultimately leads to significant consequences for Hero.

What punishment is decreed for the person who disobeys Creon's edict?

They are to be stoned to death.

What does name vinnie mean?

a ruthless maniac who always disobeys people and threatens them.

In what stage of training would you go back to kindergarten if the dog disobeys a cue?


What is the setting of a soldier's heart?

"A Soldier's Heart" is a Filipino drama television series that is set against the backdrop of the Marawi Siege in the Philippines. The story revolves around the lives of military men and their families as they deal with the challenges and consequences of being involved in conflict.

What if you 19 year old disobeys you?

No much you can do. He or she is a legal adult. You can ask for them to leave or pay rent.

Can a congressman be removed from office if he disobeys the rule of his party while holding office?

only on tuesday

Why does odyssey crew disobey his orders?

The crew disobeys Odysseus's orders because they lack faith in his leadership and decision-making abilities. They are swayed by their own fears, desires, or perceptions of what is best for them, leading them to act against his instructions. Additionally, some crew members may simply act out of self-interest or ignorance of the consequences of their actions.