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Bobby Vanhussle

Fredric Jones

James Morrison

Alexander Popper

Christopher Charles

Charlie Chapman

and many more..........

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Q: What are some names of rounders players?
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How many in a rounders team?

There are 9 players on a rounders team.

How many players playing rounders?

there are 9 players on a rounders team a bowler a backstop 3 deep fielders and 4 players on posts

How many rounders players can be on a pitch at any one time?

i'm sure it is 4 rounders

What are some alternate names of baseball?

There all a few of baseballs alternate names. These are a few names. Rounders, Batter Batter, Base play.

How many players do you need for a rounders team?


What sport contains 20 percent of women players?


Who are the players on a rounders match?

There are fielders batters backstops and bowlers.

How many players are there in acricket team?

There are 11 players in a cricket team.It includes batsman,bowlers and all rounders.

What are the maximum and the minimum of players a rounders team can have?

The minimal is 6 and the maximum is 15

How many players are on the rounders field for each team at one time?

six from each team

How many people in a rounders team?

there are 9 players: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th base back stop bowler batter and two deep fielders! there is also a subsitute runner for any base, but they do not need to play all the time

What are some names of great players in volleyball?

Misty May of coarse!