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ot aids

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Q: What are some bad things of Magic Johnson?
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What bad things did Andrew Johnson do?

He started the Indian Removal Act and he did not want the 15th amendment to pass.

Is every thing possible through the black magic?

No black magic is negative and have some bad future effects and people who use black magic most of the time use it for there personal gain in a negative way.But black magic can give you similar things that white magic can give you but with black magic the karma is much higher then white magic karma.

Magic against the devil?

Magic is most often used against bad things, the devil is a Christian entity, if someone using magic see's the devil as something that they need protection against then yes, magic can be used.

How do you know if black magic has been done on you?

Firstly, may I just say that there are no such thing as black magic, magic is just a form of energy that can be used for good or bad things but the energy itself is just there and is not good or evil. Secondly, if what the question meant is 'How do you know if magic has been used in a bad way on you?', then the answer is you do or feel things which you normally don't and there is no explanation for what's causing it; there is no certain way of finding out.

What were some bad things about the Incas?

Some bad things is they use human sacrifice so be careful

What are some bad things that begin with the letter A?

Some things that are bad that start with A are:accidentsacid refluxadulteryallergiesArsenicArsonasthmaassaultaudit, IRSavalanche

What is the impact of black magic on psychology?

Many people believe in magic. Believing in something often makes it "come true," at least in their eyes. If a person believes that black magic has been done, they will think that anything bad has been caused by that magic. They will dwell on negative things and ignore good things going on around them.

What are things fairy tales have in common?

fantasy Has morals Has happy endings Good+Bad characters Romance Magic+Enchantments

What are some bad things about camels?

They spit and smell bad.

What were some bad things about Aphrodite?

she had a really bad temper

Who is a famous sports player who helped people?

Magic Johnson; famous basketball player had HIV at the peak of his carreer he battled through it and spread awwareness that it isnt a bad thing

What were some good things about mercantilism?

some good things about mercantilism was that they had to get together to find out some things about people. They didn'tknow what to do about those good things but they did know what to do about the bad things. And you will know more about the bad things whenever you ask the question.