What are examples of injuries?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Injuries are things that hurt you or stops you from doing normal activities.

Injuries may be minor, such as a minor cut.

Other injuries may be moderate, and heal fast.

I fell off a scooter and bruised my leg and sprained my ankle.

Other injuries may require emergency services, casts, or even surgery.

As examples:

I cut my thumb so I needed stitches and I cant cook.

I fell off a ladder and broke my pelvis, so I need surgery.

While crossing the street, I got hit by a car.

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In sports, chronic injuries tend to be injuries that don't necessarily keep an athlete from participating in his/her sport, but they are injuries that never really go away. A good example is shin splints for a runner. These flare up from time to time and can be painful, but not painful enough (usually) to stop running.

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Q: What are examples of injuries?
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What are the examples of intentional injuries in teens?

One example of intentional injuries is hitting someone on purpose.

What is 3 examples of external injury?

Example of external injuries

What are some examples of cases personal injury attorneys specialize in?

Some examples of personal attorney cases are on the job injuries, automobile accidents, negligent injuries (those happening in stores, personal properties, and other public places)

Examples of negative or positive effects of soccer?

pro discipline focus persistance cons sore legs injuries

Where can one find information on knee ligament injuries?

Information on knee ligament injuries can be found online from many different health related websites. Some examples include WebMD, Patient, and Orthoinfo.

What is the name of the fracture caused by repeated injuries that would not be caused by a single injury?

A fracture caused by repeated injuries or repeated motions, which would not have occurred with a single injury, would be called a repetitive stress injury. Some examples of repetitive stress injuries are pitcher's elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

What injuries occur suddenly during an activities?

Some examples of injuries that can occur suddenly during activities include sprains (stretching or tearing of ligaments), strains (overstretching or tearing of muscles or tendons), fractures (broken bones), dislocations (bone out of its normal position), and concussions (brain injury from a blow to the head).

What are some examples of how to use the word perseverance in sentences?

The athlete showed great perserverance in her race, as she never gave up despite her injuries.

What kinds of injuries count as personal injuries?

A personal injury can include injury to the mind, body or emotions. The most common injury are road traffic accidents and holiday accidents. Examples include a broken leg or emotional distress from an accident or event.

What are the most common injuries in cars crashes?

These are Soft tissue injuries, Crush injuries, Lacerations, bruises and "road rash", Shoulder injuries, Foot and ankle injuries, Knee injuries, Neck injuries and whiplash, Limb loss and amputation, Disfiguring facial injuries and scars, Fractures and broken bones, Internal injuries, Burns, Back Injuries, Spinal cord injuries and paralysis, and Traumatic brain injuries.

Most of which types of injuries are avoidable?

Intentional injuries,Unintention injuries

What is common ballet injuries?

Common ballet injuries would be sprained ankles, injuries to achilles tendons, and injuries to knees