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Q: What are Kerri-lee Halkett measurements?
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What is Kimberly Halkett's occupation?

Kimberly Halkett is a/an Journalist

When was Hugh Halkett born?

Hugh Halkett was born in 1783.

When did Hugh Halkett die?

Hugh Halkett died in 1863.

When was Colin Halkett born?

Colin Halkett was born in 1774.

How did Halkett Island get its name?

Halkett Island is named after Richard Halkett, a British naval officer who mapped the island in the early 19th century.

When did Alex Halkett die?

Alex Halkett died on 1917-02-21.

Is Kerri-Lee Halkett single?

Kerri Lee Halkett is not single she is a married woman.

What has the author G R Halkett written?

G R. Halkett has written: 'The dear monster'

What has the author S Halkett written?

S. Halkett has written: 'Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous English literature'

When did Colin Halkett die?

Colin Higgins died on 1988-08-05.

What has the author Samuel Halkett written?

Samuel Halkett has written: 'A dictionary of the anonymous and pseudonymous literature of Great Britain'

How tall is Kerri-Lee Halkett?

5'7 120 lbs