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Q: Was bobby moor.e married to one of the Beverley sisters?
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When did bobby Moore get married?


Did bobby Moore get married?


What is Bobby Moore's exact position?

Bobby Moore was a central defender.

What is bobby's Moore wife name?

Bobby Moore's first wife was called Tina. They were married in 1962 and divorced in 1986 and they had 2 children Dean and Roberta.He married again in 1991 to Stephanie Parlane. He tragically died of bowel cancer just over a year later.

Bobby Moore's second name?

He was Robert Frederick Chelsea "Bobby" Moore.

What is Bobby Moore's birthday?

Bobby Moore was born on April 12, 1941.

How tall is Bobby Jo Moore?

Bobby Jo Moore is 5' 3".

When was Bobby Moore knighted?

Bobby Moore was never knighted, however he was awarded the O.B.E.

Who is bobby Moore and what is his job?

Bobby Moore was the captain of England in the 1996 world cup.

Was Bobby Moore right or left-footed?

Bobby Moore was right-footed.

When Bobby Moore die?

Bobby Moore died on February 24, 1993 at the age of 51.

When was Bobby Moore - outfielder - born?

Bobby Moore - outfielder - was born on 1965-10-27.