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Spandex outfit


Special Shoes




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Q: Name something a football player and ballerina have in common?
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Do football players have train as a ballerina to get athletic enough to become an actual football player?

No they don't but it does help. Lynn Swann took ballet and look how great he was!

Do football players have to train as ballerinas to get athletic enough to become an actual football player?

Ok thats a kinda odd question to ask. But sometimes they do. Hehe.... Ballerina football players! Ahhh ;D

What is a football fault?

When a football player does something that is against the rules.

What are penaltys?

They are violations for a football player when he does something wrong.

What Football Player Was In There's Something About Mary?

Brett Favre

What is something a football player needs to play football?

arm strength and some leg strength and pads

What is the most common last name for NFL football player?


What was the name of the football player that did something to make pantyhose popular?

Joe Namath.

Which football player in England has the longest name?

Stellios Giannokopilos Something like that

Does a football player and a cheerleader make a good couple?

They both like football so that is at least one thing in common.

What is the top ten most common last names for an NFL football player?


Is Randy Orton a famous football player?

No r u stupid or something he is a wwe superstar