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Q: Is pastor johnathan mcknight getting married?
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What is pastor mcknight's wife name?

Pastor McKnight's wife's name is Cynthia McKnight. Pastor Warren C. McKnight, Sr. is the pastor of the Love Kingdom Fellowship Church.

Is pastor Jonathan l mcknight ever going to be married again?

Yes! that's for sure...Lord knows (: God bless (:

How old is pastor Jonathan l mcknight?


Is pastor Tims getting married?

Yeah, my dad's getting married. Third time too. She is a lot nicer than the last one!

Did Pastor Jonathan L McKnight finally quit pastoring?

He is still pastoring his church. Are you so surprised?<<<<<<<<not really

Why be married by a pastor?

Some people believe marriage is an institution created by God, and therefore they want to get married by a pastor. But it is not necessary to get married by a pastor for your marriage to be legal.

What did Pastor Zachery Tims admit?

that he had sin by getting a lady pregnant and he's married

Is pastor Clint brown married?

As of 2014, Pastor Clint Brown is not married. He was married to Angela Doggett in 1984 and the two divorced in 2005.

Can a Catholic be a bridesmaid at a protestant wedding?

You would have to check with your pastor on this, it would depend on the religion of the people getting married, what type of service it was, and other factors, check with your pastor or your confessor.

Address an envelope to married Pastors?

Address it as 'Pastor---(the name of the pastor).

Is Pastor Kimberly Ray married?

No she is not.

Where is Pastor Jonathan McKnight's wife?

I would say that hes dating the moment..that Is to say to the measure of the Mark.. The mandate of Love...awaitn the day.. Which makes me such a very happy women.. So blessd of my heart..N my Spirit & Soul. Loving him as the Converted Sea unto me..Unto to God...& yet awaitn,dwelln..meditating N every moment of HIS presence.